Reference Projects


Enomix clientele includes some of the industry's top notch firms.

Technoeconomic study for the redesign of a major corporate data network

Enomix conducted a study for a major services organization in order to redesign its corporate data network which expands to more than 700 Points of Presence. The study included the documentation of the current status, current and future needs assessment, and resulted to the redesign of the corporate data network, in terms of speed, security and service assurance. It also included the drafting of the RFP following an extensive consultation with service and equipment providers, migration planning and acceptance testing.

VDSL speed and coverage prediction toolkit

The project was assigned by a major Telco in Greece and aimed to inventory and map the broadband infrastructures and the deployment of a performance and quality metrics valuation toolkit. The toolkit is based on the exploitation of geospatial information and actual real time network measurements. The Telco is using the platform both for customer service provisioning, proactive network monitoring and service quality assurance. Enomix delivered, among others, the following tasks:

  • Inventorying and mapping of fixed broadband infrastructures
  • Geolocation and mapping of the fixed broadband customers base (approx. 500.000 customers)
  • Implementation of the Geographical Information System Database
  • Implementation of the communication interface between the GIS Database and client’s Network monitoring platform
  • Design and implementation of the Decision Support Algorithms regarding the provision of VDSL service for new and existing customers
  • 24X7 operational support (still ongoing)

SLA monitoring platform development

Enomix designed and implemented an SLA monitoring platform, for a multinational telecom infrastructure operator. The platform was developed in compliance to the network operation requirements and incorporates fully automated reporting functionalities.

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Technoeconomic assessment and business planning on behalf of a global leader of the telecom industry.

The project aimed to provide support on the PPP optical infrastructure project issued by the Government and included GIS analysis according to the design requirements, Key Issues Analysis report, SWOT analysis report and Business case analysis.

Feasibility study on the deployment of a fiber based network infrastructure based in a major city in Asia

The project included Collection of GIS Data and analysis, Key issues analysis report, Network Layout Design and BoQ preparation, technical-economic substantiation of project (assessment of revenues - service takeup estimation, CAPEX and OPEX assessment), Business plan (Company presentation, Services, revenues and company structure, Cost analysis and modeling, business strategy, SWOT and risk analysis report, estimation of financial statements), investment viability / risk assessment, project funding options / instruments investigation.

National Broadband Plan

Enomix shaped the National Broadband Plan of an EU member state towards the 2020 Digital Agenda targets. The plan aims to provide a clear path for the deployment of NGA infrastructures and services by identifying and minimizing the factors that have negative impact on the broadband gap between this country and the EU.

Feasibility study on the deployment of a nationwide FTTH network

An EU member state assigned Enomix to carry out a Techno-Economic Study on the development of a nation-wide FTTH network which expands to more than 1.7M households. The project was budgeted at 1Billion Euros . Enomix assignment included network technical design, preparation of BoQ’s, business modelling and investigation all possible funding opportunities.

Technical assessment for an EU incumbent Τelco

Enomix was assigned by a global consulting firm to conduct an exhaustive technical assessment for an EU state owned incumbent telco. The aim was to create a detailed data room in order to facilitate the due diligence process towards the privatization of the company

IT platform for supporting the audit of the deployment of a PPP broadband infrastructure

Enomix was assigned the development of an IT platform, used for the purpose of auditing the rollout of nationwide broadband infrastructure mostly based on fiber. The platform is able to collect realtime data from the construction sites (including photographs and engineering documentation data), adapt them to the planning blueprints, arrange Bill of Quantities on the geospatial domain and produce reporting analytics regarding the project’s current status of deployment.

Audit orchestration and service provision in 48 Metro Area city Networks

Our client requested management support for the technical administration and operation of fiber based Metropolitan Area Networks in 48 Greek cities. The networks connect more than 2.800 public sector point of interest, providing fiber access to the building and capabilities for providing services of up to 1Gbps in all the relevant agencies.Enomix orchestrated and managed local technical support teams to organize and rapidly evaluate, repair and kick start the operation for all the networks.